"The film-maker Lucie Herrmann interviewed and filmed the trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff between 1975 and 1980, on 16 mm and b/w [....] including full-length solo performances. There has seldom been a portrait of a musician to risk incompleteness by eschewing any footage material (apart from a few photos from Albert's private collection) and yet succeed in telling so much."

Jazzthetik, 2016


"Oh horn! Albert Mangelsdorff trombone brings us closer to the master.  The static camera allows Albert to act independently [...] the calm camera settings and the rare cuts are the technical hallmarks of quality of this very convincing film. Lucie Herrmann complements the film of 1980 with more sequences of the trombonist filmed in 2003. His solo playing has become more abstract, more concentrated and compressed, as has the film technique of the director herself, who now manoeuvres the camera in a more unsettled fashion, closely attending to the sounds of the trombone in such a way that the contours are shifted and blended..."

Jazz n’ more, 2015


"Check out a great film on Albert’s work and the story of his life by Lucie Herrmann. Highly recommended."

Nils Wogram, 2015


"The DVD, which contains the almost hour-long film of 1980, is a jewel. Mangelsdorff tells his life-story, presented in an unspectacular way, offering a perspective on his daily existence and his philosophy of jazz performance. Excerpts from his solo concerts complete the absorbing film.”

Jazz-Podium, 2015

"The film is as unpretentious and modest as Mangelsdorff himself. No statements by other musicians, only the artist and his instrument...”     Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1999

"On a high intellectual level: Oh horn! Albert Mangelsdorff trombone is the unconventional portrait of an  unconventional musician."
FILM-Korrespondenz, 1981

"The film achieves its persuasive power trough the emotional presence of

Albert Mangelsdorff and by the filmic form, which is not, as so often, forced

upon the subject of the film".
Tagesspiegel, 1981