Oh horn! Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone was made over a period of 4 years (1976 - 1980) - without any support by film sponsors or television companies.

The film focusses on the musician and his instrument. The  static camera-settings are employed to create an intensive communication between the viewer and Albert Mangelsdorff. The musical improvisations are deliberately integrated into the film at their full length, not just in the form of excerpts as is common in so many music documentaries.

In the first part of the film Albert Mangelsdorff describes his quest to conjure hitherto unknown sounds from the trombone. He succeeded in doing this with the multiphonic style of playing, which became his trademark.

In the second part of the film  Albert Mangelsdorff describes his musical development from the young student of the violin to one of the most significant jazz musicians of his time. The manner in which he tells the story goes beyond his personal biography to  reveal a partial chronicle of both musical and social events of the era.

The poem "Mobile" at the end of the film is a homage by the German  music critic and poet Wilhelm Liefland (d.1980) to  Albert Mangelsdorff.

In 2015 a digitalization of the 16 mm. film was prepared with additional photos. This was then produced as a DVD.